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How to Avoid Capital Budget Shortfalls – No one likes shortages in the capital budget! See how using long-term budget forecasting tools helps management teams become progressive versus reactive and how this ensures adequate funds for all capital expenses. Using our four-part process, learn how you can eliminate capital surprises and accurately align income with expenses.

Strategic Planning To Meet Your Capital Needs – John zumBrunnen was interviewed by Senior Living Business for their February 2011 issue. Learn why the annual budgeting process is a critical step in managing your facilities. Before you jump into the process, there are many important issues to consider. Does your planning process “prompt” you to consider everything on OUR list?

Facility Management: Running A Tight Ship – John zumBrunnen was interviewed by Senior Living Business in May 2010. Need a plan of attack on how to best deal with delayed building repairs, deferred equipment replacements and shelved maintenance programs as a result of recent budget shortfalls? Learn how to catch up and get things back on track.

Customized Solutions – This article highlights how zumBrunnen assisted Shell Point Retirement Village with a $150 million expansion project in Fort Myers, Florida.

Role of Construction Consultant – When lenders and borrowers involved in development projects team up to hire a construction consultant, the entire project team – equity investors, lenders, developers, borrowers, architects, and contractors included – share in the benefits. Learn more by reading the case study.

Due Diligence Profitability – Due diligence can positively impact the bottom line! Learn how developers and lenders increased profits and turned more deals through strategic partnering on due diligence services on Longwood at Oakmont. This case study illustrates how zumBrunnen partners to help clients achieve success and improve profitability.

Prescription For Building Success – John zumBrunnen was interviewed by Retirement Community Business Magazine and provides helpful tips on achieving project success.

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