our core purpose

We use our expertise to promote the flourishing of our partners, employees, and community.

  • partners.

    We provide attentive and detailed construction consulting services to our partners and clients. We use our extensive industry experience and proprietary facility forecasting software to ensure our clients’ projects are completed successfully and without surprises.

  • employees.

    Our team is made up of the top experts in the field. We align our structure and incentives so that every team member takes ownership of their work to produce the highest quality reports. Our culture is built on an open work environment that nurtures ownership, quality, safety, relationships, and a family environment. Our team makes all the difference.

  • community.

    The buildings we work with and the people who reside in them are staples to the community. We have a strong commitment to investing in the local communities by ensuring that these pillar projects are of the utmost quality. We work as partners with all stakeholders involved to ensure flourishing for all. The communities we aim to serve extend to the employees, residents, and vendors of every property we touch.

The value of working with zumBrunnen is the assurance of a safe building and peace of mind knowing they are on top of everything.

Debbie Taylorformer
CEO - Lenbrook Square

our core values

Our core values are the foundation by which zumBrunnen was built.

  • truth & objectivity.

    zumBrunnen is committed to rendering opinion with a commitment to the Truth, not influenced by conflicting motives. Our advice is always objective, focused on the betterment of the project, to the benefit of all parties involved.

  • collaborating for success.

    We recognize value in everyone at the table. We collaborate with our clients and other team members for the best possible outcome. Mutual respect and open communication are foundational for our success.

  • delivering for success.

    Our clients expect us to be experts. We work with a deep knowledge of best practices, thoroughness and attention to detail. And we continue to improve on those fundamentals, to deliver to our clients the best possible advice.

  • exceeding expectations.

    Our clients are likely to become repeat clients only if the value of our deliverables exceed the cost, and exceed their expectations. We seek to be the best, and to produce the best work.

  • taking responsibility for our actions.

    We embody basic integrity. This is not aspirational, it’s just minimum requirements to enter the marketplace, but we have to say it. We own our successes and our mistakes.

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our mission

Here’s why we exist: To minimize surprises for our clients with expert, objective analysis. We aim to help our partners realize their objectives — and to reduce the risk associated with their large-scale projects.

Construction consulting firm based in Marietta, GA

our vision

Our vision is to impact hundreds of thousands of lives by building meaningful relationships and performing excellent work through:

  • Growing our team of consultants
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Enhancing our product offering
  • Inspiring the pursuit of excellence in the construction industry
  • Being generous with our time, talent, and resources
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