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the challenge

Since 2001, HomeOwners Advantage has been serving residential and commercial properties including residential condominiums, master associations, apartment communities, retail, office, and parking entities. With a deep industry experience, HomeOwners Advantage understands the value of expert reserve studies for each of its properties.

Homeowners Associations present unique challenges to property managers due to the high turnover in board members, the political nature of the responsibilities, and costs associated with future property maintenance planning. Being able to understand the complex relationship dynamics while providing necessary planning recommendations takes an experienced team.

the zumBrunnen solution

zumBrunnen is the go-to provider for homeowners associations needing up-to-date reserve studies for future maintenance planning.

With extensive experience working with homeowner associations and property management companies, the team is well equipped to navigate unique challenges and utilize best practices to communicate to the board members the state of their properties and how to plan for future needs. zumBrunnen ensures everyone is on the same page by sharing reports and assessment knowledge with all stakeholders involved.

Through the guidance of the team’s expertise and collaborative approach, they spot items often overlooked by less experienced firms. One example was when a competitor completed its report, after further review, it was realized that they had missed a $2 million dollar necessary elevator expense that was not planned. Proper planning leads to long-term success for homeowners associations and the property management companies that guide them.

Rob Milam

Project Manager & CEO
Property Management Reserve Studies

project details

  • 90%+ Customer Satisfaction with Property Management Services
  • 20+ years providing services for residential and commercial properties
  • $2 million oversight found with expert reserve studies

“If I had it my way zumBrunnen would be the only company I use. Their reserve studies are far better than anyone else and the math behind the funding models is top of the line.”

Steve Weibel
CEO - Beacon Management Services

Property Management Companies Need Construction Experts to Help Homeowners Associations Easily Navigate Future Capital Planning

  • multiple stakeholders

  • commercial and residential experts

  • precise reporting that is easy to understand