Southminster Senior Living Community

zumBrunnen was hired as the senior living construction management firm for a premiere full-care retirement living community located in Charlotte, NC.

the challenge

As one of the top retirement living communities in the Southeast, Southminster strives to provide its community with state-of-the-art facilities. As such, they were embarking on a large-scale addition to the community and they needed experts in the senior living construction management industry. The project included two apartment-style living residences and a new healthcare nursing facility.

Senior living construction management projects present unique challenges to construction teams due to the large staff and elderly residents living in the community 24/7. Being able to manage complex dynamics and safety concerns while keeping the project on track takes an experienced team.

the zumBrunnen solution

The zumBrunnen team was contracted as the senior living construction management consultant and 3rd party representative to ensure the success of the projects.

With expertise in retirement communities, the team was well equipped to navigate the unique challenges and was able to identify opportunities to utilize best practices in the construction process that avoided water and foundation issues that would become inevitable down the road.

zumBrunnen represented all stakeholders in the construction process by sharing reports and assessment knowledge with all parties. This ensured that everyone was on the same page in moving the project forward.

This complex senior living construction management project was completed successfully with the guidance of the teams expertise and collaborative approach.

Rob Milam

Project Manager and CEO
A mockup of Southminster senior living community that zumBrunnen did senior living construction management for

project details

  • 2 Residential Buildings with 66 two-bedroom apartments
  • State-of-the-Art Healthcare and Skilled Nursing Facility
  • $130 Million in Brick and Mortar Project Costs

If I were an owner I would trust zumBrunnen because of their specialization in retirement housing.

John Nicolay
Senior Living Contractor and Consultant

Complex Senior Living Construction Management Projects Need Experts to Help Teams Collaborate and Perform their Best

  • multiple stakeholders

    Large-scale senior living construction management projects involve specialized facilities, funding, and teams of people to complete the project successfully. With so many factors, it is easy to overlook details or miscommunicate. zumBrunnen utilizes its decades of experience to help teams work together toward successful project completion on time and budget.

  • safety is a top priority

    With hundreds of staff and elderly living in the community, it is a priority to keep them safe and operational without any surprises. The zumBrunnen team understands the dynamics of senior living construction management and is able to facilitate the progress of projects without risking the day-to-day operations and life quality of the residents.

  • specialized buildings and facilities

    Due to the comprehensive nature of amenities offered at senior living care facilities, specialized teams and contractors are brought in for various projects. Residential apartments may be stick-built and use a traditional multi-family construction approach while skilled nursing facilities require specialized healthcare facility construction. Having a team of experts that understand the best practices and complexities of senior living construction management is a must.