ECI Investment Property Assessment

zumBrunnen’s expert construction consultants delivered a property condition assessment that ensured ECI Capital could make a smart decision on an investment property.

the challenge

ECI Capital engages in the construction, purchase, and development of multifamily projects in the southeastern United States. In addition, ECI Capital manages over 7,400 total units across seven different states.

As part of their efforts, ECI Capital was evaluating The Mosaic at Oak Creek. This 273-unit apartment complex was built in 2020 and is located in Bonita Springs, FL, which makes it a prime investment for ECI Capital.

However, ECI Capital needed to ensure that the property was well constructed and built in accordance with local codes. While they have a highly experienced internal team, ECI Capital wanted to gain a more complete picture of any potential issues with the property.

the zumBrunnen solution

ECI Capital contracted with zumBrunnen for Property Condition Assessment services. The property being assessed had a hard two week due diligence timeline. In response, members of the zumBrunnen team arrived promptly to The Mosaic at Oak Creek apartment complex in order to perform a thorough inspection.

Over the course of two days, zumBrunnen evaluated the interior and exterior of the facility. Within 24 hours of completion, zumBrunnen provided ECI Capital with a preliminary report so that they could make an informed acquisition decision.

zumBrunnen provided ECI with a final report several days later. The more detailed PCA report not only identified potential concerns with the property, but it also includes recommendations for resolving those issues.

zumBrunnen’s expert construction consultants delivered the final report ahead of schedule, but they also identified concerns that were not initially discovered by the in-house team. These findings ensured that ECI Capital could properly account for all of the issues in making a bid for the property.

ECI Capital’s Chief Acquisitions Officer, Scott Levitt, was extremely satisfied with the timely and thorough nature of zumBrunnen’s Property Condition Assessment.

project details

  • Performed Property Condition Assessment of The Mosaic At Oak Creek, built in 2020
  • PCA was performed on a 273-unit apartment complex
  • Two week due diligence constraint
  • Report was completed ahead of schedule
  • ECI Acquires Assets in the $40-80 million range

Justin Rider

Senior Project Manager

“With a quick due diligence of 2 weeks, zumBrunnen was able to come down super fast and give a preliminary report to meet deadlines.”

Scott Levitt
Chief Acquisitions Officer, ECI Groups

Large Property Investments Need Construction Experts to Help Teams Make Smart and Quick Decisions

  • multiple stakeholders

    Managing large scale apartment acquisitions involves specialized facilities, funding, and teams of people to complete the project successfully. With so many factors, it is easy to overlook details in analyzing whether an investment is smart. zumBrunnen utilizes its decades of experience to help teams work together toward making smart, expedient investment decisions.

  • fast-paced industry

    Apartments and multi-family projects are a rapidly growing market. With fast-track real estate transactions and accelerated construction schedules, having an independent building expert on the team keeps things on schedule and saves money.

  • holistic approach

    We help clients with apartments and multi-family developments evaluate the condition of properties, particularly when the assets are being bought and sold. We also oversee new construction projects, coordinate renovations and/or expansions, and assist with major repairs.