Wesley Woods Senior Living

This senior living capital planning project was successfully completed with the guidance of the zumBrunnen team in Newnan GA.

the challenge

Wesley Woods of Newnan is a prominent senior living community located in the Southeastern United States. However, the community did not have any capital budget or a cohesive plan to maintain the facility.

Cumulatively, the lack of funding and planning had the potential to create significant upkeep concerns in the near future.

All senior living projects present a set of unique challenges for growth and maintenance planning. Construction teams must navigate complex issues and safety concerns as elderly residents are often living in the community while the project is underway.

Understanding key facility areas to focus while also preserving the safety of community members requires an experienced eye for how to plan senior living facility budgets.

the zumBrunnen solution

The zumBrunnen team was contracted to develop a long-term strategy. At the outset of the partnership, members of zumBrunnen conducted a thorough evaluation of the building and existing equipment. They used this data to develop a 25-year maintenance and upkeep plan, which was documented in a zumReport.

Fueled by zumBrunnen’s efforts, the facility manager at Wesley Woods of Newnan was able to convince stakeholders to properly fund the capital budget. He was later promoted to Executive Manager, a change that took place prior to the completion of the project. However, the new facility manager was able to follow through with his predecessor’s plans, thanks to zumBrunnen’s detailed reporting.

zumBrunnen’s plans also included renovations to existing apartments, with upgrades to appliances and flooring. Due to their expertise in retirement community project management, zumBrunnen was able to flawlessly execute its strategy.

zumBrunnen even incorporated an inflation figure into the 25-year plan. This ensures that stakeholders have access to the funds necessary to maintain the Wesley Woods community over time.

This senior living project was successfully completed with the guidance of zumBrunnen project manager Rob Milam and his team.

Rob Milam

Project Manager and CEO

project details

  • 54 acres for facility use
  • 87 independent living apartments
  • 23 skilled beds, 45 assisted living beds, 9 Alzheimer beds
  • 9 duplex cottages and growing

“The zumReport helped us identify the lifespan of all the facility equipment and what needs to be on our long-term plan.”

Steve Threlkeld
Wesley Woods Executive Director (Former Facility Manager)

Complex Senior Living Construction Management Projects Need Experts to Help Teams Collaborate and Perform their Best

  • multiple stakeholders

    Managing large-scale retirement community projects involves specialized facilities, funding, and teams of people to complete the project successfully. With so many factors, it is easy to overlook details or miscommunicate. zumBrunnen utilizes its decades of experience to help teams work together toward successful project completion on time and budget.

  • safety is a top priority

    With hundreds of staff and elderly living in the community, it is a priority to keep them safe and operational without any surprises. The zumBrunnen team understands the dynamics of senior living communities and is able to facilitate the progress of projects without risking the day-to-day operations and life quality of the residents.

  • specialized buildings and facilities

    Due to the comprehensive nature of amenities offered at senior living care facilities, specialized teams and contractors are brought in for various projects. Residential apartments may be stick-built and use a traditional multi-family construction approach while skilled nursing facilities require specialized healthcare facility construction. Having a team of experts that understand the best practices of each is a must.