Nevada State Student Housing

'The Village' is a brand new student housing project with modern 'live-work-play' amenities.

the challenge

Nevada State College is the 2nd fastest-growing college in the country. The College pursued a public-private partnership to begin a large student housing project that would help the campus meet the growing demand for state-of-the-art student housing.

Student housing projects, especially public-private partnerships, present unique challenges. This project had multiple stakeholders including bondholders that had to remain informed throughout the project. As this project was being completed in the middle of the pandemic, there were inevitable delays and unknowns from COVID19. Keeping stakeholders informed and the project moving forward was essential.

the zumBrunnen solution

The zumBrunnen team was contracted as the student housing construction consultant and representative for the owner and bondholders to ensure the success of the project.

With expertise in student housing and a great track record, the team was well equipped to navigate the unique challenges encountered during the pandemic.

zumBrunnen represented all stakeholders in the construction process by sharing reports and assessment knowledge with all parties. This ensured that everyone was on the same page in moving the project forward.

This student housing project was completed successfully on 10/10/2020 with the guidance of the teams expertise and collaborative approach.

Patrick L. Yaeger
Senior Project Manager

student housing construction consulting

Project Details

  • $33M in Boldholder Financing
  • 7 Living Units and 1 Community Space>
  • 144 units with 342 bed

zumBrunnen provided a second set of eyes and helped us navigate delays during the pandemic. Their comprehensive reporting was critical in keeping everything on track.

Cam Walker
American Public Development

Complex Student Housing Projects Need Experts to Help Teams Collaborate and Perform their Best

  • Public Private Partnership

    Student housing construction projects can be complex due to the number of stakeholders involved. In this case, it was a public private partnership that included bondholders from the public marketplace. Communication is essential to make sure everyone is informed and the project stays on track. zumBrunnen has decades of experience helping student housing projects move forward seamlessly, even in a pandemic!

  • safety is a top priority

    Students going off to college for the first time is a major concern for parents. In order for parents and students to feel safe, facilities must be built with safety and security as top priority. zumBrunnen has a strong understanding in student housing and is a trusted consultant for these type of complex projects.

  • Security and Access Controls

    Having the latest technology and secure access controls is a must for student housing projects. These specialized features are always changing and buildings must adapt. zumBrunnen stays abreast of industry changes and can ensure the construction project stays in line with ‘best-practices’ while maintaining a high level of innovation in design.