WeldenField Mixed-Use Buildings

For decades, WeldenField has formed numerous businesses specializing
in development, hotel management, banking, construction and finance.

the challenge

As a family-owned business with nationwide operations, WeldenField has an extensive client roster and real estate development experience. They are regularly in the market to construct or acquire building assets including apartments, hospitality, multifamily, and residential.

Mixed-use projects present unique challenges to construction assessment teams due to the variety of properties and uses. Being able to thoroughly understand and assess these types of projects takes an experienced team.

the zumBrunnen solution

The zumBrunnen team is a 3rd party construction expert brought in to assess new acquisitions such as apartment complexes. The zumBrunnen property condition assessment is the most thorough on the market and the experienced team completes a walk-through on all properties to educate stakeholders on what to look out for to ensure a smart deal in the long run.

It is critical for the success of any real estate investment company to bring in a construction consultant and 3rd party representative to ensure the success of potential acquisitions and development.

With expertise in a variety of large buildings and mixed-use facilities, the team is well equipped to assess risks in order to ensure the project’s success.

Rob Milam

Project Manager & CEO
mixed use construction consulting

client details

  • Founded in 1976
  • Specializes in residential, hospitality, and multifamily real estate
  • Nationwide operations

“I enjoy working with zumBrunnen because they’re informative. When we walk the property with them we always learn new things to look for in assessing a property.”

John Grady Welden
WeldenField Development

Complex Mixed-Use Projects Need Construction Experts to Help Ensure Successful Investments

  • multiple stakeholders

  • property condition assessment

  • specialized buildings and facilities