property condition assessment

What is a Property Condition Assessment?

A Property Condition Assessment, (PCA), involves deeps investigations into real estate or commercial properties. Their purpose is to provide clients seeking them with comprehensive information about a building or property they intend to purchase, lease, finance, maintain, or assess. In simple terms , they evaluate a property’s physical aspects, any and all. These assessments are also commonly referred to as Commercial Building Inspections, Commercial Property Inspections, or Residential Property Inspections for Multifamily. They all mean the same thing.

The quality of a property condition assessment can make or break a deal. A solid assessment can help improve current and future decision-making, asset management, and potential resale value. zumBrunnen understands risk tolerance and helps to manage by utilizing elite project managers with decades of field experience. We make good, smart deals possible!

Limit your exposure. Protect your
margin. Get good clean deals done.

Customized property condition report options.

  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • PCA – Property Condition Assessment
  • Transition Report

“The assessment helped us uncover facilities issues that could have grown into larger problems over time, and zumBrunnen helped us resolve them. The database allows us to accurately budget for the future and knows how much to set aside for healthy maintenance reserves.”

Lynn Robertson
Finance & Facilities Director (former) - The Fletcher School