We Convert Building Expertise into Real Value for Our Clients

As independent building consultants, we assist real estate investors, building owners and property managers in making smart facilities and business-related decisions that save time, money and shield them from risk.

What Sets zumBrunnen Apart?

  • Experience of zumBrunnen’s Senior Project Manager
  • Quality of Services and Reports Fully Tailored to Client Needs
  • A Unique Comprehensive Approach: “From the Boiler Room to the Board Room”

The Elite zumBrunnen Team:

  • Every Senior Project Manager has an Engineering or Construction Management Degree with 20+ Years Related Experience
  • Average Years of Experience for the Team is 30+ Years
  • All Project Managers have Strong Base of Knowledge:
    • Construction Monitoring / Quality Control / Project Management
    • Facility Condition Assessment for Mergers and Acquisitions for Real Estate Investors and Owners
    • Life-Term Capital Budgeting for Major Facilities on a Nationwide Basis for Common Interest Real Estate, Churches, Schools, Health Care and Retirement Communities

The Company:

  • The CEO Started in the Consulting Business in 1980 after Working for 8 Years in Industrial and Commercial Construction
  • zumBrunnen, Inc. was Founded in 1989
  • FacilityForecast®, Inc.;  Reserve Study Software Founded in 1998
  • zumBrunnen is a Preferred Provider of Services to:
    • Senior Living  Retirement Communities, Nationwide
    • The 3 Largest Property Management Companies in GA; Gaining a Reputation on a National Basis
    • Professional Involvement with:
      • LeadingAge (and various state chapters)
      • Community Associations Institute
      • and the Coalition for Leadership in Aging

Our Client-Centered Approach:

“First and foremost, bring value by realizing and executing the concept that this service is not just about preparing a report to meet the requirement of governing authorities and standards.

Our service is also about creating a report that is: 1) complete, 2) accurate, and 3) objective that is also tailored to meet the client’s goals and objectives.”

John zumBrunnen, Founder & CEO 

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